September 2021
Eileen Novack
Artist Bio | Eileen started in photography shooting film back when it was the only option, many years ago. She had a very extensive darkroom in her parents’ home and spent many hours there honing her understanding of the craft. She was a budding product/advertising photographer, whose first client paid her with vegetables from their garden.
Eileen did eventually find additional clients who did pay in non-vegetable currency. She also participated in a group show at a New York City gallery on 57th St. With work involving Kodachrome slide manipulation.
When a fire destroyed most of her work in the late 80’s she decided to pursue other career paths and spent the next twenty or so years in the software world, and let her interest in photography fade. Retiring in 2012 she found a renewed interest in photography and started learning about this new digital imaging world and where she might fit in and to also have some fun.
She has a keen interest in history and especially photographic history. With the period of the first half of the Twentieth Century being the most exciting. Photography was changing rapidly and moving into the mainstream art and commercial realms in a very dynamic way. The great advertising and fashion photographers were developing on the East Coast and the move away from Pictorialism had taken hold on the West Coast with group f.64.
Artist Statement | Long before we were forced to stay at home, I have been exploring the objects around us every day in our homes. The things that we never give a second thought to. They surround us, we use them, we eat them, we break them, and we throw them away. These are mostly objects that are the refuse of our industrialized society that we take for granted. They do have; if not beauty; at least some elegance on an industrial scale. Some are products of nature; most are products of industry.
Bringing them into a studio environment allows them to be seen as they might have once been when the industry was marketing them. Using a generally direct clear approach gives an opportunity to see what we have ignored without distraction.

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